Captioning Continues!

By Alex Honeysett 04.23.2013 blog

Ready for this week’s Caption Contest?

We’ve got Shelby Holliday in the Channel HQ.

Give us your best caption and we’ll announce Shelby’s favorite on Thursday!


  1. Carter

    wanna tango

  2. Haily

    I didn’t know that Azia was here!!! Hey Azia Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. zabrina

    and here we have the lovely tv… pretty awesome, right?

  4. Madison Wolle

    and the tour continues… 2 a tv room

  5. Madison Wolle

    right this way… not thru the tv tho

  6. Eliza

    Here with my FAVE television! You like?

  7. Andrew vazquez from mis harbors class

    Hmmmm is this sopose to be here well keep smiling And act natural

  8. Andrew vazquez from mis harbors class

    And here is were we do absolutely nothing just stare at a black screen also known as a TV

  9. dt28906

    “Lets dance”

  10. Mary Claire

    ” …and here you’ll see a blank TV… any questions?”

  11. paris111

    “Do we really have to give a tour to these zebras”

  12. paris111

    I wish I could stop smiling and posing it really hurts

  13. Jennagrace Sergent

    “And over this way is the big flat screen.”

  14. Liam O'Dwyer

    OMG nobody told me we had this T.V!

  15. Ayla Mondry

    And to your left is our altra-awesome big screen TV!

  16. Rachel

    Voila! A wonderful product in seconds!

  17. danielle benson

    “And thats the weather for today, thanks for watching channel 1”

    • Madison Wolle

      funny but repetetive….. have u read above

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