Photos: Cassie Takes You Behind the Scenes with Team OneVote

By Cassie Hudson 09.05.2016 blog

This summer I set out on one of my biggest adventures yet – producing Team OneVote! Let me back-up and introduce myself for those of you who may not know who I am. My name is Cassie and I’m the person behind the Channel One News social media accounts and delivering segments like the Next Big Thing to you on Mondays.

As a producer, it’s my job to identify interesting characters and execute a story. When I was assigned the Team OneVote project, my first step was to find super talented and politically passionate teens who could narrate the presidential election race to our viewers in a compelling way. We received more than 100 applicants and from there, I chose 8 extraordinary students from across the country.

The first stop on my Team OneVote World Tour: Greenwich, Conn. It was there that I found Kai Sherwin, an accomplished high school student who is an avid writer on a local and national level – blogging for the Huffington Post. When he’s not writing, he’s running a drone real estate company with his buddy from school. #SoCool

In the weeks to follow, I had the pleasure of traveling to California, Iowa and Illinois with Azia Celestino. We got to spend full days not only getting to know Genny, Elliot and Simone – but also their families. The amount of hospitality and kindness we received on the road was incredible! One thing you don’t see on camera is the amount of hours we spend with our characters. Some days Azia and I would be shooting for 10+ hours!

One problem I encountered this summer was getting permission to film at some locations. All of our Team OneVote students are extremely busy in extracurricular activities which we wanted to show, but sometimes, places like schools and jobs didn’t feel comfortable with us filming. For example, when we visited Malcolm in New Jersey the congressman he interns for decided last minute he didn’t want us to film at his campaign office. When this happens there’s nothing you can do, but switch-up your production plan and keep going!

At the beginning of August I traveled to 5 cities in 2 days by myself to film and interview Brooke in Texas and Alicia in Florida. Brooke and Alicia both lived in small towns in their states so I had long drives from the airports to reach their homes. I can thank the Kanye West complete playlist on Spotify for keeping me entertained!

The last stop for Team OneVote – that holds a special place in my heart–is Holly, Mich. Phillip and his family live on a farm with dozen of animals – including mini horses! It made for a fun and unpredictable shoot!

After a summer of traveling, interviewing and producing, I’m really thankful for the learning experience garnered covering Team OneVote this summer. Even more, I’m thankful to the Team OneVote members and their families who invited me into their homes and let me tell their stories.

I’m so excited for this series and I can’t wait for you to see it. For more behind-the-scenes from my Team OneVote series, follow me on Instagram at @cassiehudson_!


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    i think trump

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    i agree hillary has more compassion and i think she will make a great president.

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    Cliton understands freedom.

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    Hilary Clinton

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    I agree with you completely and i will make more of an effort to save our precious animals.

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    Hilary Clinton has my vote for president because I believe she would make a great president

  7. Markila Pierce

    I vote for Hilary Clinton because I believe she make America great again and be a great leader

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    do a next big thing about helping animals and dogs in the shelter and stop hurting animals and help them get them out of the pound please.

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