By Alex Honeysett 10.24.2013 blog

Yesterday, we asked you to share pics of your pups with us using the hashtag #Ch1PuppyLove. We posted a few of our favorites throughout the day, but the cuteness kept rolling in! So we’ve put together a slideshow showing off more of your adorable, wacky pups.

Want to get involved in the puppy love? Post a pic of you and your dog on Instagram using the hashtag #Ch1PuppyLove! If Maggie has anything to do with it, we’ll be regramming them until December.



    Channel 1, would you please give my school Harrington Elementary school in Oxnard,CA a shout out!? It would be wonderful! please mention student council and the Harrington Bears! Thank you all so much!

    sincerely, Christian Gomez

  2. rebecca berkley

    i don’t have a dog or a pet at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. brenda gaut

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  4. Asantewa-R.

    i Luv puppies #CH1PuppyLove

  5. jazmyne

    puppys are so cute i love them

  6. Alex -Stopper

    I love my puppy he so cute and Awsome #CHANELONENEWS

  7. sarah

    hi can u give a shout out for me please my school name is Blackburn elm and its in hickory nc thnx also the pups r so adorable

  8. Brooklyn

    Hey guys I was wandering if you could give a shout out to mrs endris science class, Pekin IN

  9. Nevaeh

    Could you give a shoutout to Hilliard Station Sixth Grade School in hilliard oh? BTW I ❤️ the puppy in puppy love. It’s so cute!

  10. Daniel Bahena

    I think it nice to know if the ones you love you -Daniel

  11. josiephina

    Those are some cute puppies!!#love#cute#pretty

  12. Kealy-Nance

    There all so cute!!:)

  13. Sammie

    Hay i have 3 dogs at home a lopsoapso, a pamapoo, and a miniter snazer and my miniter snazer is one lover!

  14. jas abug

    omg so cute i just want to pass out

  15. keyona

    I was wondering if you could give a shoutout to noble middle school and don’t tell them who did it until after the shout out plz

  16. Harley

    I think that it is the next big thing that the world needs.

  17. Shoutout Maybe?

    I was wondering if you could please give a shoutout to Shasta High School of Redding, Ca we are the wolves 😀

  18. Tyler

    All very Funny 🙂

  19. Alexandra Gue

    I was wondering if you could give a shout out to Shepherdstown Middle School. Shepherdstown, WV is the state and town.

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