Channel One News “Bring the Broadband” Campaign

By Alex Honeysett 05.21.2014 blog

Through our regular conversations with educators across the country, we know there is a significant disconnect between the amount of broadband you need to provide an interactive, individualized learning experience for students and the amount you currently have in your schools.

According to the President’s ConnectEd initiative, the average American school has about the same connectivity as the average American home, but serves 200 times as many users. And fewer than 20% of educators say their school’s internet connection meets their teaching needs.

Over the last several months, we’ve worked with organizations across the U.S., like Education SuperHighway, to raise awareness around the need for better broadband in schools.

As part of this campaign, we’re creating a public service announcement to support the President’s goal to get faster internet into classrooms, like yours.

And we want to feature you and your students! All you need to do is write down your answer to the question: Why do you want faster Internet in your school? Take a picture of you and the piece of paper with your answer on it (like Shelby & Scott!) and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag #betterfasterstronger. We’re hoping to feature teachers and students alike, so get everyone involved!

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