Channel One’s Summer Book Club

By Demetrius Pipkin 06.02.2014 blog

Check the blog all summer long to find out what books our anchors and reporters can’t live without. First up, Demetrius — with a surprising amount of young adult literature on his list:

The Harry Potter Series

As most of you well-know, it portrays the trials and tribulations that our people went through so that you Muggles out there can learn more about our Wizard-ing history.


Who doesn’t love a story about dragons…elves…sword fighting…and love? It is the perfect combination of topics to create an epic story.


Imagine being able to bring story book characters to life, just by reading the book aloud. Now imagine that you accidentally brought a villain into our world by doing that. Sounds like a huge problem right? Well,  it’s a problem that people in this book have to deal with.

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