Chicks and Cows and Pigs

By Kristin Sachau 09.09.2011 blog

I love food and when I first heard I was going to work on our recent series “Tackling Tricky Food Labels,” I was pretty excited.

And sure enough what I found out was, there’s a lot more behind all that food label lingo than meets the eye. Our first task was uncovering the meaning behind those meat labels you see in the grocery store. There’s grass fed, cage free, organic, humane farming, you name it…I needed help!

So, Jess and I headed out to Simply Grazin, an organic farm in New Jersey to get the lowdown. Right away, I knew we were in good hands when Taylor, whose family owns the farm and his faithful dog Buster, pulled up in his off-road golf cart. I could tell this was going to be fun. We were on our way to conquering those tricky labels!

First up: grass fed chickens. Taylor showed us how his family invented a cage that can be moved around giving their chickens fresh grass throughout the day. Super cool. Then it was on to the pigs, which were, hands down, my fave. He explained the ends and outs of humane farming and told us all about their organic diet.

Our last stop was with the grass-fed cows. We had to search for them because these cows had a lot of room to wander, which is exactly the point.

I had a lot of fun on this story and learned a lot about meat labeling. After leaving the farm, I walked away with the feeling that Taylor and his family really cared for the welfare of their animals. It was pretty refreshing! Check out the behind-the-scenes video here for a look at our day on the farm. You can also learn more about the FDA’s plans to make food labels easier to read here.

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