Come Down Denver

By Maddie Sewani 09.02.2013 blog


Come Down Denver has a story almost as unique and complex as its sound.

The rising pop-punk band, formed in 2009 in Villa Rica, Georgia, has been significantly impacted by its birthplace.

“It seemed like the town did its best to keep you there,” says frontman Christian Camp on the band’s website. “When you graduated from high school, you either got a job in town and started a family with the girl you got pregnant in high school, or you went to the University of West Georgia, which was ten minutes down the road. But we wanted something more than that, and the drive to be something different than what our hometown had to offer shows up in our music.”

Since its inception, Come Down Denver has experienced a slew of member changes. The departures of the 5-piece band’s original rhythm guitarist, drummer and bassist—which were spurred by a variety of circumstances, ranging from interpersonal struggles to other commitments—made room for new members Travis Blake, Allen Beck and Casey Buice.

The group’s new guitarist/vocalist, drummer and bassist/cellist have inevitably altered the band’s sound. According to Blake, Come Down Denver was once known as a “popcore” band; however, that label does not accurately describe them now that Beck and Buice have lent the group a more distinctive pop-punk flavor. “It’s a darker sound, in a good way,” Blake explained in a phone interview. “We click well musically.”

The band also seems to click well personally. “There’s a deep bond between the five of us despite the fact that some of us have been lifelong friends and some of us haven’t known each other for that long,” Camp notes on the website.

Blake echoed Camp’s sentiments in his interview. “I’ve never been more comfortable with a group of guys,” he said, recounting the story of a 17-hour drive the band members took together. “We joked and laughed the whole way.”

In addition to working well as a group, the band members also function well as individuals. “Most bands do pre-performance rituals together, but we do our own personal things,” Blake explained. Before shows, Blake sits behind the stage and mentally prepares by himself, while Camp runs through his scales, Beck takes a walk and lead guitarist Billy Metcalfe calls his girlfriend.

According to Blake, the guys have a lot more mental preparation, scale practice, walking, and girlfriend-calling ahead of them. When asked about what comes next for Come Down Denver, he said that the band is looking forward to performing songs from their newest EP, Don’t Sweat It.

“We’re going to book as many shows as possible. Come out, and we won’t disappoint!” he promised.

You can find the band’s live performance dates here. In the meantime, check out their songs and pictures below.

“What She Said”[audio /wp-content/uploads/2013/09/What-She-Said.mp3|titles=What She Said]

“I’m Sorry”[audio /wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Im-Sorry.mp3|titles=I’m Sorry]

“Fire Hazard”[audio /wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Fire-Hazard.mp3|titles=Fire Hazard]

“Down Like the Others”[audio /wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Down-Like-The-Others.mp3|titles=Down Like the Others]

“Don’t Call it Crying”[audio /wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Dont-Call-It-Crying.mp3|titles=Don’t Call it Crying]


  1. Anna

    Music 2 me ears love like 🙂

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    this is amazing omg. they remind me of a day to remember <3

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    It’s good

  4. Kinzi

    I just felll inlove with your music just playing the first part of it!! You people are a strong group of people! keep it up! You have a great thing going for you!

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    these songs are ok I guess.

  7. Melody

    You should do some gigs in Florida! You guys are amazing! I showed my friend and she loves you guys too. Keep making music!

  8. Rebel

    They’re so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly one of the best bands I’ve heard in a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Rebel

    They’re so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly one of the best bands I’ve heard in a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    New Video For I’m Sorry from Come Down Denver…. SWEET!!!!

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    this is like the best song ever

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    I’ve literally fallen in love with “I’m Sorry ” if you guys would please stop in West Virginia or Virginia or anywhere close to me I would make sure I made it there I would do anything

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    You people should play Pierce the Veil !! 😀 one day ;-;

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    omg, what she said is super good! i love tht kind of music! rock and pop all the way!

  16. Come Down Denver

    Thank you to all of you who checked us out through this amazing opportunity for us! It really means the world! Hope you’ve been liking what you hear and will continue to follow what we’re up to in the future! All of your kind words have been more than enough to motivate us! Thank you all so much, again. Hope everyone has a great day! :]

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    like, i get tht theyre good and all, but did they rele have 2 play ther music 3 days in a row? give some other artists a chance! not tht ther not good

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    i love come down denver so much i love punk rock rock and metaliac music and also a lot of pop music this is the most perfect thing i’ve ever heard i love it i will be singing this song on animal jam all day long lol

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