Cool Your Heels

By ch1c0nta@ctus 08.19.2011 blog

Most of the country had a pretty intense heat wave this June and July. If you were in the middle of it, you know you’d have done just about anything for a little relief. (Did anyone else spend an embarrassing amount of time with their head in a freezer)?

Over in Japan, where this idea comes from, they have some pretty hot and humid summers as well, but unlike the U.S., they don’t rely on hyper-cool offices and shops to beat the heat. They’re more likely to just politely endure a stifling day at school or the office, which is why we can see how someone came up with this big idea for cooling from the bottom up — A/C shoes. You can learn more here if you trust Google Translate.

Even though these kicks don’t actually have tiny little air conditioners built in, they do have a series of filters designed to wick away heat and humidity from your toes, which, as anyone who’s ever spent time in a locker room can tell you, is important to keeping cool and comfortable.

But don’t take our word for it — what do you think? Are these shoes the next big thing? Vote now!

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