CORRECTION: Hurricane Katrina map in today’s show, 8.27.25

By Tonka Dobreva 08.27.2015 blog

Whoops! We’d like to apologize for an error that appeared during our show on Thursday, 8/27. We incorrectly labeled Mississippi and Alabama on our map detailing the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Thank you to the teachers and students who noticed this mistake and brought it to our attention. Rest assured, we’re making the correction right away!


  1. Ariel

    I think the aerial thing is the next big thing because it would work for anything

  2. Debra Baird

    Thank you for correcting the mistake & showing a correct map on your show today. I was dismayed that nothing was said on the show today. I really had to look on the website to find the written correction.
    Many more thanks for mentioning the fact that Mississippi suffered devastation as a result of Katrina. A friend pointed out to me today that New Orleans suffered a flood – not really the impacts of a hurricane. If you look back at the data from Katrina, you will see that the storm made landfall on the border between Mississippi & Louisiana putting the Mississippi coast in the most dangerous front, right quadrant of the storm. The hurricane force winds covered about 100 miles of Mississippi for well over 3 hours. Can you imagine how many trees were down, how many homes were completely wiped out, and how many people were without electricity for weeks due to the hurricane winds (not to mention the results of flooding on the coast as well as the tributaries that feed into the Gulf)? NOAA has a wonderful report on the track and results of Katrina. It is easy to find online – take a look at it if you have a moment. You may find it interesting. Just a thought . . .


    • liliann

      I love chanel one student news.

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