Couture in a Can

By ch1c0nta@ctus 03.18.2011 blog
By Ariel Nicastro

Thinking of creative ways to recycle is a great way to keep
our planet clean and inspire others to get in on the act. That?s why this arts
and crafts project might be the next big thing. Mariah from Tucson, AZ
has even turned into a full-blown business: Canned Couture.

The idea here is to turn what would normally be filling up
your recycling bin into something cute and creative, like earrings a magnet or
a charm for a necklace. By collecting cans and making them into art, you?re not
only helping the planet, but you?re making something super cute to show off to
all your friends!

Our first thought when we heard this idea from a few readers was that all those sharp aluminum edges didn?t seem very safe, but it
turns out that the edges are protected by foam so these pieces of jewelry are a
no-danger zone.

We want to hear from you though — what do you think, is aluminum
can artwork the Next Big Thing? Vote now!

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