Deal or No Deal

By ch1c0nta@ctus 04.28.2011 blog

By Ariel Nicastro

Ever heard of a Groupon? It’s the latest way to get great deals online from around your town for you and your friends. Not only is the world of online shopping moving fast, but now Facebook has jumped on the band wagon. Their mission: to target your interests and get you deals on stuff you love!

What exactly is a ?Facebook Deal?? Well, it is similar to Groupon and other online coupon sites, only it focuses on your interests instead of your town. When you find a Deal that you like, you tell your friends about the product. If enough of you like it, you can get a great deal and save cash. Groupon works with local businesses to help generate sales and customer interest. Facebook wants to do the same, but filter in only stuff they think you’ll like, because, let’s face it, they already know you pretty well. Some examples of stuff that has been offered include bicycles tours, dinner discounts and mani-pedis.

So what do you think? Would you look for deals at home while chatting with your friends on Facebook? Or is this a step to far from the world’s biggest social network? Vote now!

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