Delegates Prepping for Parties

By Jessica Kumari 07.16.2012 blog

While schools across the country are kicking off a new school year, the two major political parties will be “officially” kicking off their campaigns to win the White House. Of course the campaigns have already started. You may have seen more than one political ad on tv or attended a campaign rally.

But the national conventions are where each party “formally” chooses their nominee for president. These presidential nominees will talk about their party’s goals ? or party platform. Barring any major catastrophe, the Republicans will nominate Mitt Romney and President Obama will be the Democratic nominee.

I’ll be heading down to both ?- first to Tampa, Florida in August for the RNC and then on to Charlotte, North Carolina in September for the DNC. Most viewers at home probably won?t watch much of it ? except for the highlights and when each candidate accepts his party?s nomination. The buzz around the RNC is that Gov. Romney will be announcing his candidate for vice president.

Now for those who actually go to the convention — it’s like one big celebration — each day filled with speakers, concerts, cook-outs and parties. The 2008 DNC in Denver Colorado was my first convention. I was working for Channel One which was then partnered with NBC. I spent a lot of time in the NBC media tent ?- a non-stop chaotic home base for the NBC reporters, producers, and crew. Each network and cable station has its own tent. CNN’s was so big it had its own restaurant called the CNN Grill!

So who actually goes to the conventions? Besides the people working it and covering it, there are lots of elected officials, political leaders and party die-hards. And of course there are the delegates -? the people who actually nominate the candidates! States either elect or choose delegates and most of these delegates will pledge to vote for whichever candidate won their state during the primary process.

Delegates are usually people heavily involved in the campaign process and I’m excited that I’ll be talking to one who?s only 17! Stay tuned to see all the behind the scene action from the conventions. I’ll be sure to work my hardest to bring you all the stuff you won?t see anywhere else.

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