EdTech Spotlight: Google Docs

By Monica Burns 12.22.2015 blog

Many schools have started using Google Classroom or the Google Drive suite of applications as part of their everyday workflow. Teachers assign tasks for students to complete, and students are expected to submit the work they create in one of the Google Drive applications. One of my favorite tools for middle and high school students is Google Docs. This dynamic word processing tool is perfect for students in bring-your-own-device classrooms or who use a variety of different devices during the school day.

Google Docs is completely free and students can access it with their Gmail or Google-hosted school account. Google Docs is a word processing tool that lets users work online (or offline) on any device they are logged into. This makes it a great choice for schools where students have access to devices but not the same device everyday. Students can access their documents via web browser on any laptop computer or via tablets applications.

Google Docs lets students create documents similar to Microsoft Word. They can type and format their text by changing the font, size and alignment. Students can add tables to organize information and import images. Creators can easily hyperlink text. Users can copy and paste a link into a document or they can highlight a keyword in the text and Google will search for potential links, letting students preview the link before they insert it into their document.

Google Docs is also a great platform for collaboration. Students can share access to a document with classmates and work on the same document at the same time. They can leave comments on their peers’ work and contribute to the same document. This is a great option in one-to-one classrooms where students each have their own device. It is also an easy way to facilitate group work beyond the classroom.

Google Docs are easy-to-use and fairly intuitive. It takes the great features of traditional word processing tools and layers extras like simple sharing and the ability to collaborate. If you’re looking for students to come together to write a research report or make a plan for a presentation, Google Docs are a great choice.

Have you used Google Docs in your classroom?  Share your experience below!


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  1. Ada

    Google docs is super helpful. We use it almost everyday in some classes. It makes work so much easier.

  2. Cami Carson

    I have already used Google Drive and Classroom for almost 4 years now and I would definitely recommend it to others…

  3. Kierrane E.

    My school uses the whole google drive platform and it’s been very helpful. My friends and I use google docs independently now for reports because you care share and edit papers together. There are many helpful (and free) add-ons that you can use too for everything from accents to synonyms. We really enjoy it. More schools should use this.

  4. Laylah Griffin

    Yes, I have used Google Docs and it is sometimes difficult, but sometimes it is very helpful. It is very necessary for children.

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