EdTech Spotlight: iBooks Author

By Monica Burns 01.27.2016 blog

For teachers who want to create their own customized textbooks, iBooks Author offers a powerful solution. iBooks Author is a creation tool that allows Mac users to design their own interactive books.

If you’ve ever explored the Apple iBooks Store you’re probably familiar with interactive books. Interactive books let readers do more than swipe from one page to another. Each page can include text, images, embedded videos that play within the text and hyperlinks.

iBooks Author users can add widgets such as a gallery slideshow to view multiple images or pop ups that open with a tap of the page. It also works in conjunction with other Apple tools and allows users to embed Keynote presentations straight into their iBook.

This free application can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. iBooks are viewable on iOS devices — iPads and iPhones — as well as Mac computers. Teachers can upload their creations for the whole world to see in the iBookstore or create books for students in their class that can be added to their individual devices.

Teachers have decided to use iBooks Author to make their own books for a variety of reasons. Some teach classes with a very specific curriculum, so iBooks Author lets them curate a variety of resources that cover course content when a comprehensive textbook does not exist for that topic. Others use it to give students access to multimedia that goes beyond a traditional textbook. There are lots of great examples of teacher-made iBooks available as free downloads in the Apple App Store. I’ve even made some to share with students, families and other educators.

Students can also use iBooks Author as a tool for demonstrating their understanding of a topic. Providing authentic audiences can help students see a connection between learning in the classroom and the real world. Instead of having students write a report for only their teacher to see, they can create a shareable, interactive text that can be made available for anyone to read.

iBooks Author is a dynamic creation tool that can be used in a variety of learning environments. In the Social Studies classroom, interactive textbooks can help students better understand the sequence of events when they move their hand across a timeline, or the impact of a natural disaster as they watch a video clip. With iBooks Author you can become the creator and curator of content for your students.

Monica Burns is an EdTech & Curriculum Consultant and Apple Distinguished Educator. Visit her site ClassTechTips.com for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.


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