EdTech Tips: SMARTBoard Resources 

By Monica Burns 03.22.2015 blog

As schools look to make use of all of the technology they have access to, the SMARTBoard is one tool that has lots of resources online to support educators. The development of web applications that mirror the functions of mobile apps is just one example of how touch screen technology can be used in the classroom. In this annotated list we will explore some resources available online that can be used to enhance instruction in a SMARTBoard classroom.

Google Street View

Taking students on a field trip to a city around the world is challenging from both a logistical and financial perspective. Google tools are fantastic for bringing the world to your school’s doorstep. On Google Maps users have the option to view places from a few different perspectives. The street view option is a great choice when using SMARTBoard technology. After typing in and searching for a location, you can choose street view to see a location from a pedestrian’s point of view.  Try this when “visiting” a landmark to show what it looks like to have an up close and personal view.

Museum Tours

Many museums have websites that let users take a virtual tour. Project this view on the SMARTBoard to help students navigate a particular location. They can tap on a picture of art or an ancient artifact to enlarge it on the SMARTBoard screen. With this type of technology they can interact with museums near and far like never before. Check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art or The Louvre.

ReadWriteThink Web Apps

The International Reading Association’s website ReadWriteThink has a handful of web apps that are useful in the social studies classrooms. Two of my favorites are Timeline and Venn Diagram. Both of these are perfect for interactive whiteboard technology since users can tap on the screen to add information. The interface of both of these websites mirrors the technology of a mobile app for a tablet or smartphone. With Timeline users can organize events from history and place them in chronological order. Students can even add pictures for each one. Venn Diagram lets users compare and contrast two or three things that they choose. This could include people, places, or important things.


One of my favorite presentation tools for changing up your traditional routine is Prezi. This website is perfect for the SMARTBoard because new information will pop up on the screen with each tap. Prezi is a canvas based presentation tool as opposed to a traditional slide based presentation tool like PowerPoint or Keynote. Students or teachers can create presentations that zoom in and our of content while spinning around on the SMARTBoard screen.

The SMARTBoard is a fantastic learning tool in classrooms that unleash the power of interactive technology. Although it too often becomes just another surface to project a movie or website, there are so many ways that teachers can use a SMARTBoard to it’s full potential. Try one of these tools and share your experience in the comments below!


  1. MAX

    I think we should have a Smart-board because the teachers don’t have to by dry erase markers and on the smart board you can just pull it up with a few taps of he finger.

    • alvarezmelissa1

      This just helps the teachers that way the won’t get up

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