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By Monica Burns 03.10.2014 blog

Teachers are always looking for ways to engage their students in learning new content. A great tool for keeping them excited about the work happening in their classroom is Edmodo. Edmodo is similar to a social networking site but designed for teachers to use with students. This website allows teachers to engage students in discussions, provide access to resources, and measure their progress throughout the school year. It’s a powerful resource that more and more teachers are finding works well with their tech-savvy student population.

How does it work?

Edmodo allows teachers to set up an account and log-ins for each student. Teens will be able to access a page created by their teacher that holds all sorts of information about their class.  Through Edmodo, students can upload files to submit assignments, take quizzes designed by their teacher, and participate in discussions on topics related to their class work. Teens can also access resources posted by their teacher which makes it a great platform for schools exploring a flipped classroom model.

Edmodo can be accessed from the web or through one of their mobile apps. This makes it a great choice for schools trying out a bring your own device program where teens are using multiple devices. With Edmodo, teachers have a simple way to distribute materials to students and keep track of the work they have submitted. Teens can upload files without needing a flash drive and can answer homework questions from a smartphone, school computer, or laptop at home.

Why are schools choosing Edmodo?

Edmodo is becoming a popular choice among schools using one to one technology. Schools that use Edmodo don’t need to have students working from the same type of device. This gives administrators, teens, and their families lots of options when choosing technology since Edmodo can be accessed from any Internet browser in addition to a variety of apps for mobile devices.

Keeping track of student progress has become an increasingly important goal in the data driven world of education. Edmodo makes it easy to measure student growth, collect assignments and conduct both summative and formative assessments. With Edmodo teachers can empower teens to become independent thinkers and motivated students. They have the ability to see how they are performing in class by accessing grade reports and to ask questions of their teachers and peers in discussion forums. Students will develop study skills by knowing where to go to see an assignment calendar and find resources posted by their teacher. Schools have chosen Edmodo for many of these reasons and others are seeing that this tool lends itself well to the workflow of a middle school and high school classroom while virtually eliminating the use of paper during daily lessons.

Teachers looking for a new tool to promote student engagement, collect data on student progress and make their lives easier when it comes to organizing paperwork are sure to find value in Edmodo.

Have you tried out Edmodo with your students? What ways are you using technology to promote student engagement?

Monica Burns is an Education Consultant, EdTech Blogger, and Apple Distinguished Educator. Visit her site ClassTechTips.com for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.


  1. Emma G

    I use Edmodo in almost all my classes. it works great

  2. Anne

    I use Edmodo in my English/writing class. It is a great way for afterschool homework. If I have a question I post a message to my teacher. I think it is a smart tool.

  3. jericho-aznar

    it works great like im not kidding teachers should really use this. it actually saves their lifes from paper cuts. thats right i even think it does the grading for them. if your a teacher who hates paper work then try this out. p.s have good luck having all your students to have edmodo

  4. becca berkley

    I use edmodo for my classes in school.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kiwi mc awesomesauce

      Me too. Love it.

      • jericho-aznar

        love it 🙂

  5. Jojo-Neal

    I think that great for us

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