Education Chat

By Jessica Kumari 05.04.2012 blog

When we decided to take a look at the education reform debate, we quickly found out that the reason the rest of the world has made such leaps and bounds in their education systems in the past 50 years was by following the lead of the United States.

With that in mind, we wondered why couldn’t we, in turn, learn from the best school models from around the world to reform our system? So we traveled to Finland and Canada, and looked closely at Shanghai schools to find out what was working in each of those places.

The theme that quickly emerged was that these systems are focused on attracting and keeping great teachers that are respected members of their communities. Do you agree with that theme? What changes do you believe American schools need to make to become more successful?

Join us here at 3:00 pm EST on Wednesday, May 9th for a live chat with me and classrooms around the country. We’ll be discussing the series and I’ll be answering your questions about what we saw in schools in Finland, Ontario and Shanghai, and what the teachers in our roundtable discussion had to say.

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