Enterprise Arrives!

By Shelby Holliday 06.07.2012 blog

The SpaceX Dragon might have been at the center
of attention
last week, but the retired NASA shuttles aren’t leaving the
limelight anytime soon!

Hundreds of people cheered the arrival of space shuttle Enterprise in NYC
yesterday, and I ran out to the banks of the Hudson just in time to watch the
spacecraft pull up to its new home on Manhattan’s
west side
. The sight was breathtaking.

For a shuttle that never launched into space, Enterprise has had quite a
journey. A few weeks ago, it practically froze the city of New York with a
jaw-dropping fly-over
that caught even the busiest of businesspeople off
guard. Then yesterday, after floating up the Hudson River and passing historic
landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the shuttle was lifted
onto the flight deck
of the old WWII aircraft carrier that is now the
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

The Intrepid’s new space shuttle Pavilion will open to the public in mid-July,
and judging by all of the excitement surrounding yesterday’s arrival, the new
Enterprise exhibit will probably be a major NYC attraction for years.

To see more pictures of the Enterprise’s journey, check out the Intrepid Museum’s

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