Epic Fail: School Programs Dedicated to Failing

By Azia Celestino 05.21.2018 blog

No one likes to fail. It can be embarrassing and upsetting, but the truth is that failure is actually a good thing! Failing won’t kill you, but being afraid to fail may keep you from reaching success. That’s why schools across the country are providing programs that encourage their students to fail and think about the value of those experiences. Here are some pretty cool clubs and campaigns I found:

University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Faces

“PennFaces” is a website dedicated to student, faculty and alumni stories about failure and success. Members built “The Wall of Rejection,” an area on campus featuring Polaroid photos with notes about challenging and valuable experiences.

Smith College’s Failing Well Initiative

“Failing Well” is a year-long program sponsored by Smith’s centers for Career Development. Students and faculty kicked off the initiative by creating “failure resumes,” a list of personal fails. The goal is to develop resilience and a healthier outlook when it comes to success.

Stanford’s Resilience Project

The “Resilience Project” aims to help students learn from their setbacks through activities, events and skills coaching. The school hosts an annual celebration, “Stanford, I Screwed Up!” where young people get creative and share their failure-related experiences through storytelling, poetry and song.

Have you ever been rejected or failed at something? How did that help you to learn, create an opportunity or grow as a person? Leave us a comment below!

Photo credit: Smith College 


  1. Jacob Linder

    Perhaps I should tell the world how many times I failed. So many, I lost count. But this is good news for fails like me.

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