5 Brain Facts

By Channel One Author 09.22.2016 blog

Those three pounds of matter between our ears remain a mystery in many ways. BUT, there are some fun facts we DO know about the brain:

brain2The Brain Is Hungry!

According to Live Science, the brain accounts for TWO percent of our body weight, yet it sucks down about 20 percent of the calories we eat. It works best with about 25 grams of glucose circulating in the blood stream – about the amount found in a banana.

The Brain Is Fat

Approximately 60 percent of your brain matter consists of fats that create all the cell membranes in your body.

brain1The Brain Is Changing

The brain is capable of “rewiring” itself, and, according to scientist Mike Merzenich, things like meditation and brain training can help you stay sharp.

The Brain Is Packed

There are 100,000 MILES of blood vessels and 100 BILLION neurons in your brain. Whaaat?!

brain3The Brain Grows

Each person has about the same number of brain cells at birth as in adulthood, but those cells grow, reaching maximum size at about age six.


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