Five Ways to Help Boston

By Shelby Holliday 04.15.2013 blog

After a horrific day in Boston, the cyber-world is rallying to help victims, families, runners, and anyone else who was affected by the two explosions that rocked today’s marathon.

Five interesting internet tools that have been getting a lot of attention:

1.  Google’s “Person Finder – a site that’s helping runners connect with their families, especially since cellphone use has been limited in the Boston area today.

2.  Boston Police Department’s Twitter feed, which has been posting updates and setting the record straight throughout the afternoon.

3.  The “I Have a Place” Google document that’s providing a place for Bostonians and shelter-seeking runners to link up. So far, dozens of people have offered their homes to stranded marathon-goers.

4.  The American Red Cross’s “Safe and Well” site – much like the Person Finder, this website lets runners keep in touch with friends and family to tell them they’re okay.

5.  All forms of social media. While sites like Facebook and Twitter can sometimes fuel rumors, I do think that the truth always prevails online, and a lot of valuable information about today’s explosions was shared over the internet.


  1. Joey Snay

    The checking of internet sites is fare to a certain extent. As long as there is no checking of private conversations. In my opinion there is it should be in every school not just a couple. Some kids can’t handle the type of cyber bulling that is out there. Teachers should step in and help.

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