Food Prices on the Rise

By 09.03.2014 blog

On today’s show, Tom Hanson explained how the drought that’s affecting much of the country is probably having an impact on your grocery bill. Lack of rain in Texas and Oklahoma, two states where much of the country’s cattle are raised, means higher dairy and beef prices.

In California, fruit and vegetable farmers are having a hard time keeping their crops healthy too. And less food for sale means the food that’s available is expensive.

Have you noticed the higher prices at the check out line or at restaurants like Chipotle? Vote in the poll and then leave a comment telling us about your experience.


  1. paris111

    exspensive things are so dumb

  2. Frankie

    I’m a family of 7 and money is tight

  3. Rachel Williamd

    I have not felt the prices rising, but I think that’s just because most kids parents including mine are trying to protect thier kids so they don’t get worried, or feel as though they should start eating less so they don’t leave their parents broke.

    • pokemonlover1234321

      its a nightmare we’re broke because of it

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