For the Love of Chocolate

By Maggie Rulli 02.13.2015 blog

Valentine’s Day…the perfect excuse to eat chocolate!

Seriously though, is it even possible not to like chocolate? O.K., obviously I’m biased. But even if you are a vanilla person (gasp!), Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for us all to put aside our differences and eat chocolate.

And no, I’m not playing with some simple let’s go eat a chocolate bar on Valentine’s Day blog post here. Anyone can go out and buy a box of chocolates. We’re gonna take it up a notch with some of the most extreme, tastiest and out of the box chocolate recipes out there. BRING ON THE COCOA!

Unlikely Chocolate Combo: Chocolate and Kale

A chocolate salad?! Has Maggie gone crazy? Yeah, chocolate crazy. While leafy greens and chocolate bars are certainly an unlikely pair, that’s what makes this snack such a tasty surprise. By slathering the kale in chocolate and baking it on a low temp, chocolate kale chips taste like crunchy chocolate crumbles.

Only 2 Ingredients: Chocolate and Water

This recipe caught me off guard — and I’ve been known to read quite a few chocolate recipes. This mousse is fluffy, chocolatey and only has two ingredients! Win.

Craziest Chocolate Cake: Chocolate Cauliflower/Pumpkin Cake

This recipe gives two options for making a super moist chocolate cake: Cauliflower or pumpkin — both seem crazy. Crazy awesome.

Classic Chocolate Dessert Remixed: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie

This smoothie is one of my favorite breakfasts. Yup, chocolate for breakfast. Come on, there’s oats and fruit in it too!

Chocolate as a Meal: The Grilled Cheese Chocolate

Melted Chocolate. Crusty bread. Gooey cheese. And Sweet strawberries. Enough said.

And let’s be real, a straight up bar of pure chocolate is pretty awesome too.

With all these recipes, I try to make sure to use organic, fair trade chocolate. Because tasty chocolate tastes even better when you know it’s good for you and the people who made it. Now that’s some Valentine’s Day love.

Do you have any awesome chocolate recipes we gotta try this V-day?? A fellow chocolate addict needs to know, so post them in the comments!


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