For the Love of Fro-Yo

By Jessica Kumari 07.12.2012 blog

It’s summer. Therefore it’s the perfect season to indulge (daily) in one of my favorite guilty pleasures, frozen yogurt. Not that I don’t eat this cold, delectable treat in the winter. I’m “that girl” who will don my fleece jacket and snow boots if my froyo craving calls. But at least during the summer I don’t feel like such a freak.

Contrary to popular belief, the froyo craze is NOT over…at least in NYC. I see new frozen yogurt shops popping all over the city. And there’s a new trend — most of them are “do it yourself” i.e. you get to fill up your own gi-normous cup that’s actually more like a bowl. (Honestly I don’t like the new craze because when it comes to froyo I have no portion control and can literally eat a gallon at a time)

Anyway this all begs the question, which froyo place is best? (Please note: The opinions expressed below are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the positions/views of Channel One News)

Here’s my roundup of the best and worst froyo in NYC.

The Best: Treat Petite Cafe (61 Grove street)

O.K., technically this is not frozen yogurt. It’s frozen kefir. That’s fermented milk for anyone who didn’t clink on the hyperlink. Sounds disgusting right? But OMG please ferment and freeze this stuff more because it’s delicious. MIND BLOWING delicious! The chocolate flavor sort of reminds me of Nesquik. Unfortunately there’s only one location in the city. Or fortunately for me because if I lived close by I could single-handedly keep this place in business. But I wouldn’t be bankrupting  myself as a small, without toppings, is just $3.21. And worth. every. bite.

The Most Dependable: Pinkberry (several locations)

Pinkberry can’t be beat when it comes to satisfying a fancying for froyo. First of all they’re all over the city. Second – if you’re too busy to leave the office, it’s too cold outside or you’re just too darn lazy, they deliver! AND if you get toppings they put them on the side! The environmentalist in me looks at all this wasted plastic and feels awful. But like i said,  it’s a guilty pleasure. Salted Caramel is by far my favorite flavor. It’s a sweet, salty smooth, creamy — no more adjectives can describe it unless you go get it yourself goodness in a cup. But it’s seasonal and not always available. That’s the thing with Pinkberry, you never know when they’re going to change their flavors (unless you cheat and look at their website) so it’s always a surprise when you step through the door. Pinkberry is pretty pricey. A small is $4.15 not including tax. If I went here every day, I probably would go bankrupt!

The Worst: Tasti D Lite (several locations)

Tasti D…you used to be so tasty. I remember visiting New York in college and friends telling me about this low-cal wonder. Tasti D was one of the first froyo venders in the city. It was even featured on more than one episode of Sex in the City. But maybe it’s because we didn’t know better. Tasti D tastes fake and from a powder. [Editor’s note: It IS made from a powder.] The new tangy flavor that is supposed to compete with Pinkberry’s original is…awful. I wish them well but there are just too many other, better places to indulge.

There are still so many other places to talk about…berrywild, yogurtland, flavaboom, red mango (which is actually another favorite), 16 handles…but not enough time, for now!

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