Four Ways to Raise Money for Your Favorite Charity

By Alex Honeysett 07.19.2013 blog

Have a cause close to your heart? But not a ton of cash to donate yourself? Consider raising money for your favorite charity instead. It allows you to make a big impact on the organization and the people and community it supports — without wiping out your bank account.
Here are four ways to raise money for your favorite charity:

  1. Host a Bake Sale: Get your friends together and get baking! Make sure you charge a little bit more for your cupcakes than you paid to bake them, and then donate the money you earn to an organization of your choosing. To make it as successful a bake sale as possible, plan to set-up somewhere in your community where you know you’ll get lots of hungry people (like at a high school basketball game, or along your town’s Main street).
  2. Have a Rummage Sale: Know all those little things around your house that you – and your parents! – keep trying to get rid of? Host a garage or yard sale and donate the proceeds to your cause. You’ll need:
  • Stickers to mark the price of each item
  • A clipboard or notepad to keep track of what you’ve sold — and how much money you’re making
  • A good amount of $1 bills, so you have change on hand for anyone that might need it.

3. Sign-up for a Charity-Hosted Run: Many charities host runs or walks throughout the year that they use as fundraising opportunities, like the National MS Society walks. Once you sign-up, they’ll provide you with information you can send to your friends, parents and wider community asking them to pledge to donate a certain amount of money to support your participation. This is a great way to raise both money and awareness for your cause, and to give people an event they can get excited about.

4. Work with Local Businesses: Have a favorite deli or book store? Stop by and ask if they’d be willing to offer their customers the option to donate to your charity of choice when they’re checking out. Or, if the business would like to donate a certain amount of their profits to your cause directly. Hint: This is easier for smaller, local businesses, like your local pizzeria, rather than larger, corporate organizations that need approval from their headquarters, like The Gap.

If you have specific questions about fundraising for your charity, reach out to them directly. They may have even more fun ways to help their cause! And it’ll give them a chance to thank you for all your hard work.

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