By Scott Evans 02.21.2012 blog
Now that you’ve seen our piece on the rite of passage that is dissecting frogs, you know that for most students, it’s a cool interactive way to learn about the different systems of an organism — muscular, circulatory, skeletal, digestive — you get the idea. But it’s also the time, at least in my class, that pranksters live for. Unfortunately for me, it was my turn to get prank’d.
Before “Frog Day,” we’d planned what we were going to do, when we were going to do it and exactly how to dissect the frog. We discussed in great detail what to expect and how to be careful with our utensils. We had one frog per group of two. The first thing we were to do was to pin their limbs down with clamps to hold them in place. Aside from the smell, there was nothing particularly memorable about this process. But I’ll remember what happened next forever.
I was a little anxious to get to started and before the prompt and warning of our biology teacher, I went in. I was met with a spray of froggy juice in the face. GEERRROSSSSS!! I can’t even describe to you the sound I made because I blocked it out of my memory because of the trauma. And unfortunately, that was not the end of it for me.
The rest of the day I walked around school smelling like old frog. The end of the day arrives, I got on the bus, still smelling like old frog. After my eventful day, I figured the best thing to do was take a nap. Which I did, until my mom came home screaming!
One of my friends put the frog in my backpack. When my mom, curious as to what the awful smell coming from my backpack was, found out. I thought it was me smelling because of the frog, er, liquid on my clothes, when really, the frog was in my back pack. Needless to say, I never used the bag again and couldn’t participate the next day, because everyone thought I took the frog home. Of course, none of this would have happened if I had I just waited to start like we were supposed to.
Lesson learned.

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