Geeking Out

By Evan Groll 09.08.2011 blog

I admit it…I’m a bit of a nerd. Scratch that. I’m a BIG nerd, but my nerd tendencies aren’t visible in the form of Hogwarts memorabilia or extreme intelligence… (I wish). No, my nerdiness revolves around all things technical, especially video cameras. Whether big or small, old or new, I cannot resist learning everything there is to know about any camera I’m lucky enough to get my hands on.

When I heard Channel One was getting a brand new HD camera, I just about lost it. Imagine how you would feel if, magically, a package appeared that contained everything you ever wanted and all you had to do was simply open it and enjoy. That should give you an idea (a very small idea), of how I felt when the new video camera arrived. Seriously, this thing is AMAZING. It’s called a Sony NEX FS-100 and does just about everything. I’ve already used it a few times, including on an interview Jessica did with Peter Thiel, but it hasn’t made its debut on Channel One just yet.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, let me tell you. First off, the image quality is unreal! Everything it films looks super crisp and the depth of field is amazing (“depth of field”┬ámeans the separation it gives your subject/person from the background). It is also one of the only cameras of its kind with XLR inputs for audio. That means we can plug two microphones directly into the camera, allowing us to record high quality sound and video at the same time. Best of all, it’s small and lightweight. I can balance it in one hand, which makes it easy to use and prevents the video image from looking shaky. I’m really looking forward to using it more and can’t wait for you all to see how great the footage looks. Stay tuned!

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