Genny Jackson: How My Parents Inform My Political Views

By Genny Jackson 09.19.2016 blog

My parents and I do talk about politics a lot. They don’t try to influence my views so much as they try to INFORM my views. If I declare I don’t like a candidate or a cause, they call me out and ask me very specifically to articulate WHY I don’t like that candidate or cause. My discussions with my parents are more about helping me to define my views by really thinking about the issues that I believe in.

I don’t think my political views are otherwise influenced by my parents’ views. Their views are more shaped by the economy and economic issues, especially taxes. Since I have not yet begun to work, I don’t feel the same urgency about these issues as my parents do. I’m more concerned with social issues. It’s not that my parents don’t care about social issues, it’s just that they are definitely more concerned about how social issues end up affecting their ability to support our family. They strongly believe that our society should take care of those who cannot care for themselves (elderly, disabled, poor) but they are frustrated by government waste, and the inability of government to prevent fraud in social programs such as medicaid and welfare. They are willing to pay taxes for the good of society, for shared infrastructure and the poor, but they get so angry when they see and read about fraud.

By now, although I’ve declared myself undecided, I think the reader can figure out that I am leaning toward Hillary and not Donald Trump. Hillary seems to score well on every measure that is important to me–and to my generation. Maybe when I’m older and working, I will understand my parents’ concern with economic issues much better. In the meantime, I just want to be involved in the political process and have a voice!


  1. Jordan Fideler

    Genny, my name is Jordan and I am reporter for the Mustang Morning News at Mira Costa high school and I am working on a story about how teens in high school are reacting to the presidential election. I was hoping to interview you, please email me you contact information so we can discuss interview dates. Thanks!

  2. Hayden Darby

    I hope she wins

  3. Saro

    Trust your Elders they are much better then you and have more life experience. #TrustyourElders

  4. felix

    feel the bern 2016!!!

  5. Jj miller hawks

    The same problem but I really don’t want to vo vote for anyone because it’s not really going to do anything

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