Get Smart?

By ch1c0nta@ctus 10.14.2011 blog

You’ve heard of smart phones, but what about a smart pen?

This new idea has been in the works for a while, but it seems like this time they might have gotten the details right. When you use special paper and the Echo smart pen, the pen records everything you write and hear, making it a great tool for students taking notes during a lecture. You can also use it to play music (from a piano you’ve drawn!), translate and even look things up in the dictionary.

You might think you could probably do all of this with a tablet or even a laptop, but compared to those, this pen is seriously portable.

What do you think? Tell us if smart pens are the next big thing!


  1. Chloe joyner

    I need one of those and my teacher tells me to study and I forget all the time

  2. Alex

    I need one! :3 for sure. it would be useful in high school.

  3. jan

    are they if so were can i get one

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