Get Your Impact On

By Alex Honeysett 06.19.2013 blog

It’s summer!  Which means you’ve probably got some extra, much-deserved time on your hands. If you’re interested in spending a few of those hours getting involved in your community and connecting to the causes you care most about, we’re here to help!

Every Wednesday, we’ll be profiling different service-based organizations that are doing great things for the world and ways that you can donate your time or resources to help the cause.  We’ll also be publishing service-based “How Tos,” like “How To Donate Your Clothes” and “How To Volunteer At An Animal Shelter” so you have all the tips you need to get yourself out there.

Throughout the year, we’ve heard from so many of you who have watched one of our news segments, like Modern Day Slavery and asked for ways to help.  There has arguably never been a generation more ready to roll-up your sleeves and make an impact than you guys.

So, while we get started: Any organizations you want us to consider profiling? Or ways to get involved with your community that you’d like to know how to do?

We’re all ears.

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