Gettin’ Gratuitous

By Maggie Rulli 09.08.2013 blog

Grubhub, an online food delivery service, recently came out with a list of the most generous student tippers. By compiling the ordering habits of students at more than 350 colleges and universities, Grubhub was able to figure out which school’s students shelled out the bigger bucks to delivery men and women.

The findings? Students at Virginia Tech University were deemed the most  lavish tippers. Followed by Western Michigan University and University of Tennessee РKnoxville. And the state with the most big time tippers? Michigan Рwith half of the schools ranked in the top ten coming from the state. You can check out a complete list of the top ten over at The Huffington Post. 

Ok, so this got me thinking… how much is an appropriate amount to tip? Is there a base amount that you add or subtract from depending on the service? What services deserve tipping? Does tipping at a restaurant versus tipping for delivery make a difference? So many questions!!???!?!?

Good ole etiquette expert Emily Post put together a great outline for how much to tip and when. Definitely check out her tips – but I’m mostly curious about what you guys think.

You’re up: How much do you normally tip, and for what things?

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