Girls Day!

By Shelby Holliday 10.11.2012 blog

It’s the first-ever “INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL!” So…why take a day to celebrate girls?

Because we have a lot of them: there are about 900 million girls and young in the world (UN)

Because many girls don’t have the same opportunities as boys: One in four girls in the developing world is not in school. Of the 130 million youth who are out of school in the world, 70% are girls. (The Girl Effect)

Because educating girls can help narrow the income inequality gap: An extra year of primary school increases girls’ wages by 10%-20%. An extra year of secondary school increases them by 15% to 25%. (She’s The First)

Because when girls grow up, they are important to their families: Women invest 90% of their income back into the household (the average for men is 30-40%). (She’s The First)

Because educating girls can be the key to solving many of the world’s problems: When a country educates its girls, its mortality rates usually fall, fertility rates decline, and the health and education prospects of the next generation improve. (World Bank)

Because they can make a difference: “As leaders of today and tomorrow, they can be a force for social change.” (UN)

The UN says it best- “Not only is investing in girls and young women a human rights imperative, but it is one of the smartest investments any country can make.”

Now…what can YOU do to help educate girls in other parts of the world?

The organization “She’s The First” is a great place to start. I had the privilege of profiling founder Tammy Tibbetts for Women’s History Month in 2009, and her organization is helping educate girls everywhere.

Get the facts, sponsor a girl, bake some cupcakes, and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Happy Day of the Girl!


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