Glory Road First Look: Daniel Radcliffe

By Jason Witmer 11.17.2011 blog

Growing up, when my younger brother would get a new Harry Potter book for his birthday, I used to grab it, lock myself in my room, and emerge 24-hours later, sheepish but very happy.

So, naturally I was thrilled when I was told I would get to meet Daniel Radcliffe and help produce a segment about his work with a non-profit organization. The first order of business was to find a location for the shoot. When we found out Hogwarts was booked, we settled on a clandestine spot in Manhattan and went to work setting up lighting, etc. (I’m the guy looking nervous in the background with the camera).

Harry — I mean Daniel — was super down-to-earth and friendly, just as you might expect someone who had known hardship growing up in a family of Muggles might be. It was actually remarkable how Daniel seemed to share qualities of his character. He spoke about how he didn’t necessarily like fame and how important it was to be oneself. He also talked about how much he had learned from his work with The Trevor Project, which aims to end suicide among LGBTQ youth.

Well, that’s a snapshot of the day. Shelby’s interview and the shoot went well, and we look forward to sharing the produced piece with you all soon.

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