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By Chad Phillips 06.10.2013 blog

Just because we’re off-air doesn’t mean we’re not following the latest headlines in the Channel One newsroom. From a doping scandal in Major League Baseball to Justin Bieber’s vacation to space, here is a roundup of stories from last week that you need to know about.

First up, an Internet Upgrade for Schools

President Obama is pushing for better internet in schools across the U.S. He asked middle school students, “in a country where we expect free Wifi with our coffee, why can’t we expect that in our schools?” Obama is working with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to get high speed internet connections in classrooms and school libraries throughout the country. Since his plan does not need approval from Congress, the FCC will make changes to its programs in order to make high speed internet more affordable for educational purposes.

Have you heard about the NSA scandal?

The National Security Agency may be collecting information from your phone calls and text messages. A top-secret court order may be why the United States Government has secretly collected millions of phone records form U.S. customers of Verizon. According to Senator Harry Reid, these phone records have been collected over the past seven years. White House spokesman Josh Earnest stated that although he could not provide classified information, the court order is a critical tool for learning more about potential terrorist threats. Senator Saxby Chambliss stated that the NSA and FBI only collected data correlated with dates and times of calls and that the substance of calls was not monitored.

Mandela receiving care in hospital

In international news, Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa remains in serious but stable condition after being diagnosed with a lung infection. Mandela, now 94, became the first black president in Africa in 1994. According to the African National Congress, “Given the pressure associated with the admission of President Mandela there are general restrictions that permit only relevant people to have access.” Mandela has had a history of lung problems dating back to the 1990s.

More steroids in baseball

In sports, Major League Baseball is seeking a possible 100 game ban for Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees for his apparent involvement in the latest performance enhancing drug scandal. According to Anthony Bosch, founder of Biogenesis, the Florida anti-aging clinic provided Rodriguez and many other MLB athletes with illegal substances including human-growth hormone, anabolic steroids and testosterone. The list of athletes includes Ryan Braun, Melky Cabrera, Nelson Cruz and Bartolo Colon. Michael Weiner of the Major League Baseball Union stated Wednesday that the MLB commissioner’s office “has assured us that no decisions regarding discipline have been made or will be made until those interviews are completed.” Rodriguez denies all allegations.

And finally, a little weekend entertainment scoop

If you haven’t been to the theater lately, there are a few new movies that hit the box office last week. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s newest film, ‘The internship’ gives moviegoers a less-than-realistic view into what an actual internship entails. However, the comedy aims to show how important it is to actively seek an internship and take it seriously. Vaughn and Wilson play the roles of two salesmen who are out of work after their company goes under. With no experience in the tech field, the two seek internships with Google in hopes of landing a new job. The movie teaches fellow and future interns that although you may lack certain skills, hard work and determination just may be enough to achieve your goals. Vaughn and Wilson aren’t the only ones making headlines.

Justin Bieber is the newest Hollywood star to join a growing list of celebrities who have claimed their ticket to travel in outer space. According to Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, Bieber and manager Scooter Braun have signed up to join Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, and Ashton Kutcher on a trip through Branson’s commercial space flight program, Virgin Galactic. This is just the latest in Beiber’s series of activities. In May he was spotted by neighbor and NFL star Eric Dickerson speeding in his Ferrari sports car through his Calabasas neighborhood. So just how much is a seat on the world’s first commercial space flight? About $250,000…which is pocket change for Bieber who, according to The Smoking Gun, earned $300,000 per show in 2010.

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