By Alexis Morgan 11.13.2012 blog

Hello Channel One Viewers! My name is Alexis Morgan. You might’ve seen me a few times on the show. I’m currently an intern for the Channel One Network at the CBS headquarters in New York City.

When I was told I’d be interning for the network, I didn?t know anything about Channel One News. I didn?t have the program at my middle/high school but now that I see how it?s affecting youth, I wish I had!

I also soon found out that my favorite reporter, Lisa Ling, who inspired my own journalistic dreams, began her own career at the network.

Channel One is all about news relevant to the young generation, something which I think is so important. When I was in school, I didn?t know about world news topics or presidential platforms, that?s why I?m so happy to have been placed with Channel One for my internship.

We?re educating youth about the world they live in so they can be contributing members of society as informed adult.

I first became interested in journalism as a sports reporter. I liked providing information to the audience which ultimately led me to a broader interest in news. I picked up a journalism major at my undergraduate school and am now pursing a masters degree in journalism. I hope this experience at Channel One will help me understand the way news influences young generations — and ultimately the world.

Thanks for watching!

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