By Julian Dujarric 08.14.2012 blog

Even though it’s been a whirlwind few days, and I’m still getting settled, I wanted to write a quick blog post to say hello and let you know how I?ve been having the best time here at Channel One. Joining the team here is an unbelievable full-circle experience for me —  my
very first celebrity interview was with Channel One News alum Maria

Sunday was my very first day on the job, and happy doesn?t even begin to describe how I felt. Everyone here has been so wonderful that I think I may just stick around. One of the first things on my list was working on the package about Mitt Romney announcing his running mate, Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committee Chairman. Nothing like diving right in!

Also, I feel like a huge dork because I’ve just received my CBS ID card and I am BEYOND EXCITED! This just in: Maggie Rulli has encouraged me to let my dork flag fly. Works for me.


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