Want to know how smart your dog is? Here’s how to find out

By Maggie Rulli 03.25.2015 blog

maggie-dog3Growing up, I used to have long conversation with my dog Boo (check out the cute throw-back photo of us napping together). I’d tell her all about my day at school and she’d chat about what happened at home. We were best friends.

Ok… so she never actually chatted – I mean she’s a dog and I’m not crazy. But even though she couldn’t talk – I knew she got me. She knew how I was feeling and was always there for me.

Anyone who has ever had a dog already knows all of this. But here’s the thing – even though they’re man’s best friend, even though we spend more than 50 billion dollars on them a year, even though they live with us… dogs are mysterious in their own ways and we really don’t know that much about them. Scientists simply never thought their brains were worthy of study.

And that’s why Dognition is so cool. Not only are they barking up the tree of canine intelligence – they’re asking you and your pup to help.

maggie-dogs3So here’s the deal – head over to www.dognition.com. To get your free access to Dognition just email hello@dognition.com and mention you are a Channel One student and they will give you free access. Then,you sign up to become a citizen scientist. Meaning you and your pup do the research, send it to the Dognition experts, and then boom – science is made!

They’ll put you through a series of expert designed experiments. You do things like see how long your dog holds eye contact, if he sneaks around when you’re not looking, and just how well he can figure out which way you’re pointing.  The exercises all really easy, and there are videos online that walk you through the whole process.

maggie-dog2Once you’ve gathered up all your data, you send that info back to Dognition and the experts pour through your pup’s numbers.  So… think your dog is brainy? Maybe he’s an Einstein. Think your dog is friendly? Maybe he’s a socialite. Think your dog is a little out of it? Well, maybe he’s actually a stargazer and incredibly self-reliant. Or maybe he’s one of the other types of intelligent profiles Dognition has defined. But like Dognition expert say – every dog is smart and unique in his own way.

So when all is said and done – you get a detailed report on your dog and, in return,  Dognition gets canine cognition info from thousands of dogs all over the world. It’s a win for you – and for science!


  1. future vet

    i think its super cool

  2. mars fire


  3. Kindra

    I grew up in a K-9 police training family, and my dogs were very smart. I had one German Shepherd and two Malinose that were my personally trained drug dogs and attack dogs. the German Shepherd was named Sirabus and the Malis were named Mrya and Aloka. Sirabus was my drug dog and Mrya and Aloka were my attack dogs.

  4. Corinne

    I ought to test this out on my own dog.

  5. Akhilesh

    3 years ago, I had a dog who died and he was really smart.

  6. landon

    I had a dog that what very smart but is died last Sunday.

  7. drake burris

    dog are really becoming smart because my dads doberman will get its own food and water from the bag of food and turn on and of the water hose!

  8. mohammed

    i Do no’t have dog

  9. Frosie :)

    My dog ate a squirrel

  10. Doglover399

    My dog has an IQ of 206. She talks to me about ice cream.

    • Frosie :)


  11. Capri Offield

    Is that a goldendoodle???

  12. cody

    my dogs not very smart

  13. Sir Shadow

    My dog got sprayed by a skunk or something several times. She gets smellier every day.

  14. cmaki

    yes i think my dog is intelligent

  15. Andrew

    I dont know no i dont have a dog but my brothers have one and there really nice. hope i can grt one

  16. sierra

    I love dogs!

  17. ollie123

    I love dogs! I think they are intellectual sweet, loving animals! I don’t know what id do without mine! He puts up with me and my crazy family!

  18. Calamityblade

    I always loved dogs since I first met my mawmaw’s dog, Mia. BUT, I never new how smart any dog was! Channel one, I only have 1 question. Why are dogs so hyper? I used to watch Mia and play with her all the time, but I always wondered why she is so hyper and always dashing around. You can just send me an email about it. K? Well, thx channel one!

  19. ericbrown1234

    I don’t really pay attention to my family’s dog but Maggie you look so cute with that dog.

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