How To Donate Your Clothes

By Alex Honeysett 06.19.2013 blog

Looking for an easy, effective way to help your community? Donate your gently-used clothes!  We bet if you took a peek in that closet of yours, there are likely a few sweatshirts, tees and pairs of jeans that you’ve been meaning to get rid of. Instead of tossing them, why not give them a second life with people that could put them to good use? 

Here’s how:

  1. Gather up all of the clothes you’d like to give away.  To streamline this process, think about donating your clothes when the seasons change, since you’ll be wading through your wardrobe to switch out tank-tops for hoodies anyway.
  2. Make it a family and friend affair!  See if your parents, siblings or buds have anything to contribute to your pile, and coordinate your drop-offs so you can share the load (literally!).
  3. Prepare the clothes for donation.  First, go through the clothes you’ve chosen to donate and make sure everything is suitable to wear.  Small tears and holes are likely okay, but if you’ve got a sweatshirt with only one arm, it should probably go in the trash.  Next, make sure there’s nothing stuffed in the pockets or in the bottom of any purses that you might want to hold on to (like money!  Or love notes!).  Finally, make sure the clothes are clean.  While some organizations will take dirty clothes, washing the clothes gives them the best chance of being put to good use.
  4. Find a place to donate your clothes.  There are many national organizations, like the Salvation Army and Red Cross, that may have donation drop-off centers in your town.  Many states also have their own donation organizations, so do a quick google search to find the closest ones to you.  And while your donated clothes will always be put to good use, see if there are any donation organizations that support causes or issues that are close to your heart.
  5. Be proud!  You’ve just made a hugely positive impact on your community, and that’s worth celebrating.

Have you ever donated clothes before?  If so, share your experience here!

And check back every Wednesday for tips and tools on how to take action around the issues and causes you guys care about.

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