How to Donate your Hair

By Cassie Hudson 07.11.2013 blog

Need a haircut? Want to help someone in the process? Donate those locks! If you’re considering giving away your hair but not sure about the facts – like, do they accept dyed hair? Or what if you’ve had a perm? We’re breaking down the process into 4 easy steps. Read on!     

  1. First, know the requirements. Colored hair and permed hair are totally acceptable. Unfortunately, dreadlocks and bleached hair are usually not – but double-check with your local donation organization to see if they make exceptions. In terms of length, the minimum requirement varies. For example, 10 inches, tip to tip, is the minimum requirement for donating to Locks of Love, whereas Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths accepts a minimum length of 8 inches.
  2. Meet all of these hair donating requirements? Then you’re ready to go! You can either make the cut yourself (with a little help from friends and family!) or head to your favorite salon with these directions. First, wash your hair with shampoo and fully dry it. Do not add any styling products like mousse or hairspray. Collect your hair into a ponytail or braid at the nape of your neck and put an elastic band at the top of the braid, just below where you want to cut it. Place an additional elastic band at the end of your pony tail.
  3. Then, time to cut! If you’re doing it yourself, ask a family member or friend to help you for this part. Measure the pony tail you sectioned off with two elastic bands to make sure you qualify for the length requirement. If you do, have a family member or friend (carefully!) cut your hair above the elastic band of your pony tail.
  4. Once you’ve made the cut, place the pony tail — keeping the elastic bands in place! — into a resealable plastic bag. Then, place the bag into an envelope or package and mail it to a hair donation program of your choice!

Nervous? Don’t do it alone! On September 7, Beautiful Lengths is hosting the second annual National Donate Your Hair Day. Grab your friends, head to the salon — or one of their living rooms — and make the decision to make a difference together.


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