How to Help the Hungry

By 02.02.2014 blog

Food insecurity, the lack of access to enough food for everyone in a household, affects 1 in 6 Americans. That means that someone you know is probably facing hunger on a fairly regular basis.

For many, food stamps, or SNAP benefits are a way to put food on the table. Now, however, lawmakers responsible for making funding decisions about the program are finalizing a bill that would cut that aid, which could mean less food on the table for families that rely on it.

What’s more, according to The Food Recovery Network Director of Member Support, Sara Gassman, “40 percent of food produced in the U.S is tossed out.” 40%. While 1 in 6 are going hungry.

So what’s to be done? Gassman explained how her group works. “We’ve streamlined the process. It’s about students gathering, talking to partners, talking to the dining office, and then working with everyone to figure out how to coordinate a program. If you’re doing recoveries every night, you need a strong volunteer base.” That’s where you come in.

Stony Brook University Food Pantry provides free food to members of their community who need it. And while we’re not affiliated with the Channel 1 Regional Food Bank, we do know about them because of the Google alert we’ve set up. And since we’re based in New York City, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention City Harvest, a group that recovers and distributes food from restaurants around the city.

Lastly, Gassman shared a group similar to hers but that was focused on high school cafeterias, The Campus Kitchen.

Ready to get started? Click on one of the links above to start making an impact.

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