How to Make a Card for a Child in a Homeless Shelter

By Channel One Author 06.20.2016 blog

Author: Ben Kassoy, Editor-in-chief,

For the 2.5 million kids living in homeless shelters, a birthday doesn’t always mean a celebration. Lots of shelters don’t have the resources to provide things like cards, presents or cake.

dosomething2Good news is, you can make sure kids feel valued and loved on their big day! Sign up for’s Birthday Mail campaign, powered by Johnson & Johnson.

You’ll learn how to make thoughtful, creative cards and send them to a shelter near you. You’ll join a movement of thousands of others taking action also– in 2014, members created over 110,000 cards through Birthday Mail!

dosomething1Celebs are contributing to the cause also. TV stars and dance prodigies Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler starred in an adorable video to promote the campaign!

Sign up to join the campaign and make sure every child gets to smile on their special day. (P.S. You could even win a $5,000 scholarship!)



  1. Suzan Halterman

    I love the idea of making cards and sending them to homeless shelters. I would love to join that movement. I think I could even put gift cards in them to places they may want to shop for food and other essential items.

  2. Jade Brunet

    I understand that everyone has a different set of circumstances and am happy that homeless shelters exist for when hard times do arrive in life. I think it is a great idea to contribute to people’s birthdays while they are living in the shelter. I also think it would be fun to give them some magic through some holiday decorations at Christmas.

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