How to Organize a Book Drive

By Cassie Hudson 07.24.2014 blog

All summer long we’ve been sharing our reading recommendations with you! From The Hunger Games series to Knowing Your Value by Mika Brzezinski, our anchors have suggested their favorite books from all different genres. (See their reading lists here!)

Now that summer is nearing the end (sniff!), what are you going to do with all of the books you’ve read? One option: Donate them!

Organizing a book drive is easy:

1)   Assemble a team! This can include your parents, friends and fellow peers. Team members will help you carryout the drive, which normally last 2-3 weeks.

2)   Location, location, location. Make a list of different locations where you can host your drive. For example: local community colleges, libraries and supermarkets.

3)   Carry it out! Ask your friends and family to drop off books that they’d love to pass along to the community. Promote your book drive on your social media platforms and create posters to hang around town. When the drive is over, donate the books to a nursing home, children’s home or organization you think could benefit from some new books.

What books have you read this summer? Are you going to organize a book drive? Let us know in the comments below.

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