How to Use the World Geography Interactive Map

By Cari Jackson 03.16.2016 blog

Channel One News reporters travel the world in search of stories that surprise, inform and engage students. Our reporters make foreign lands familiar, build empathy across cultures and empower young people to make a positive impact on their world. Our newly released World Geography and Current Events Interactive Map offers a tour of many of the places we’ve been.

Global Citizenship

Channel One strives — and succeeds — at turning students into informed, digital-savvy global citizens. Through the years, we’ve covered Europe’s migrant crisis, the attacks in Paris, Iran’s struggle for democracy and most recently, the global war on drugs. Each pin on this interactive map links to content that helps foster global awareness by helping students gain a deeper understanding of global issues and current events.

Lesson Planning

Educators can use this map for flexible lesson planning. Have students explore the map on their own time or in a flipped classroom approach. Or take a democratic education approach and have students click through the locations to find out more about each area of the world. Through collaboration and negotiation, the students can come to an agreement on which part of the world they’d like to explore next.

For Subscribers Only

Subscribers can then search our Video Library for additional videos, slideshows and curriculum resources that help teachers to build brief mini-units or longer units of instruction. No matter where a classroom is located, Channel One News delivers the world to students. So, check out the map, and help students discover something new about their world today!


  1. Caleb

    I do not like the map they are trying to construct on here at all, because it is just even more confusing than it already was.

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