How to Write Letters to Soldiers

By Alex Honeysett 08.14.2013 blog

Have a few extra minutes on your hand? Want to show your support for some very deserving people? More than 1 million soldiers are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. And each day, young men and women leave their family, friends and loved ones risk their lives to protect our country.

What better way to show some love than sending a handwritten note giving thanks for all that they do? Read on for how you can make an impact on the United States Armed Forces:

1.  Select your soldier! If you don’t know anyone serving in the Armed Forces, find an organization that sends letters to soldiers abroad. One organization, Operation Gratitude, includes handwritten notes with care packages they send. Another organization, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, allows you to digitally send letters of support.

2)    Supplies! Head to your local craft store and pick up all the essentials: markers, pens and paper – colored, if you’re feeling crafty! Depending on the organization, you can send anything ranging from original artwork to handmade cards.

3)    Let creativity take the wheel! Just remember to adhere to your organization’s guidelines. Operation Gratitude, for example, does not (sadly!) allow glitter.

4)    Be positive! Your letter should include happy and uplifting messages – the Armed Forces enjoy reading words of encouragement and gratitude. Feel free to share a little about yourself and what you’re doing at school.

5)    Spread the word. Grab a friend, family member or your homeroom and get writing. The more letters you create, the more lives you can touch.

Do you know anyone actively serving in the military? Have you ever sent letters to soldiers? We want to hear from you! Share your story in the comment section below – it just might inspire someone else to make an impact.



  1. cody

    thank you troops for fightig for our coury so we can be free

  2. danish

    I think it is good to send letters because it inspires other people to be army people because they send it back to people. My friends brother went for boot camp and he inspired me to be a navy person there fore give them letters to support them or to please them.

  3. Amir-Agent

    Sending letters is a great idea to do because it incourages soldiers to fight harder dor our country

  4. Andrew J

    I think its a good idea for kids to do this cause not every solider gets a letter from home any more. Last year my school helped me send one large care package to my dad who was gone in Kuwait.

  5. Shay

    I will send a card

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