By Cassie Hudson 07.10.2014 blog

Repeat after me: “I’m a boss.”

Surprisingly, 70% of girls don’t believe they measure up in terms of looks, performance in school, or in relationships with friends and family.

DoSomething.org and female pop group Fifth Harmony are teaming up to change that.

Running from July 9 to September 9, the #ImABoss campaign asks fans to create a sign highlighting a friend’s unique skill or trait, take a pic with them holding it up and submit it on DoSomething.org’s website.

Once you submit your picture, you’ll be entered to win $2,500 for school and for the chance to boss Fifth Harmony around for a day.

Share your bossy sign with your friends online (like Instagram & Snapchat!) using the #ImABoss and tagging @DoSomething and @FifthHarmony.

To learn more about the #ImABoss campaign, including where to submit your pictures, visit https://www.dosomething.org.

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