Impact: Helping the Endangered Animals

By Tonka Dobreva 11.04.2015 blog

Animals — from the tiny insects to the largest and smartest mammals — are an integral part of life on our planet. Sustaining their population and ensuring healthy habitats has become a big problem for some species. Learn about the animals in need and find out ways to get involved and help the animal kingdom thrive.


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  1. ejballife

    nature is power by god the lord told always to never kill nature.

  2. Hernan

    We will save the nature no matter what.

  3. Caiti Turner

    My favorite animal is the endangered green sea turtle, I love them!!!

  4. Erza

    We should help them because if we don’t help them the world will be lost because they pollinate our veggies and fruit.

  5. Kc shehan

    save all of the creatures please

  6. Kaitlyn Carp

    I feel we need to fight for butterflys they only have so much life to live and by pollinating they are making plants grow, to help this I believe we need to plant more milkween

  7. Austin gross

    We need to help ,because animals is nature ,animals make the earth look nice ,Without animals we may not survive.

  8. edith

    we could all help nature

    • Caiti Turner

      Yes we should!!!

  9. Alexandra Ferrera

    I love monarch butterflies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Caiti Turner

    Do not throw your waste into the water, for it can lead to serious harm to the ecosystem, and we would not want that, now would we?

  11. Caiti Turner

    I love animals and insects and you should also!!!

  12. Caiti Turner

    It is extremely important to care for the world, and I do as much as I can for my community, and you should too.

  13. Avary

    by planting milkweed in my back yard of my house
    p.s. post my reply on your next show

  14. Andres

    Help animals its a good thing

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