Inauguration Day

By Shelby Holliday 01.21.2013 blog

After little sleep, a lot of navigating the barricaded streets of D.C., and two days of shooting in the cold, I’d say my first experience covering the Presidential Inauguration was a success!

We knew it would be a frantic and frigid adventure, so Gary Hamilton and I came prepared. We were decked out in lots of layers, big puffy coats, and very comfortable walking shoes. I’m guessing we trekked about five miles with our gear (which is not what you could call “light”) this weekend…yikes.

On Sunday, we grabbed our media passes at CBS and then headed to Pennsylvania Avenue to meet up with some students from Rosary High School. They did a fabulous job helping us host the show and teaching our audience about the Capitol Dome’s 150th anniversary. We also ran into some other Channel One friends who had traveled from all over the country to see President Obama’s 2nd inauguration. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love seeing students out at events.

Monday, all of our hard work and traveling paid off when we reached our ultimate destination — the “West Front” of the Capitol. There, we ran into former Channel One superstar Adriana Diaz, which brightened our day. The three of us scored spots right in front of Obama’s podium, so we had an incredible view of the swearing-in ceremony.

One of the students we interviewed after the ceremony said it best: to be at the Inauguration is to witness our longstanding tradition of democracy in action. No matter what your political views are, it is an amazing symbol of our peaceful transition of power.

For photos from the big weekend, click through the slideshow below.

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