iPad Apps for Graphic Organizers

By Monica Burns 10.15.2014 blog

In the Social Studies classroom, teachers can use graphic organizers to support students as they interact with new content. These organizers help teens see connections between events and breakdown complicated ideas into more manageable parts. There are some wonderful iPad apps that can help students create their own graphic organizers or complete ones that you’ve designed just for them.

Venn Diagram (free)

This straightforward app from The International Reading Association is a perfect addition to a tech-friendly social studies lesson. Students can create their own graphic organizers with this free iPad app. They can easily add labels to each section of the Venn Diagram and place sentences, phrases, or keywords in each section. Instead of feeling trapped on the page, students can type in as much information as they want. If the information doesn’t “fit” inside one section, the app will automatically turn it into a “tap and expand” box so students won’t be limited by the size of their screen. When teens are finished with their graphic organizers, they have the option to print, email and share their work.

Inspiration Maps (paid)

Students can create amazing graphic organizers using Inspiration Maps. With this app, teens have the option to place different bubbles of text all over their iPad screen. They can add multimedia like images and audio to any place they tap. In addition to customizing text and colors, teens can place hyperlinks on their page. This graphic organizer app is great for students who want to create their own mind map without feeling limited by a handout or activity sheet. Inspiration Maps also lets students export their final product to open in other apps. Teens can decide if they want to share it as is or change it to an outline form to make it easier to read.

Poppet (paid)

If Inspiration Maps is a little overwhelming for your students, try starting them off with Popplet. This easy-to-use graphic organizer app lets teens customize their creations. After choosing colors for each box, students can decide how they will link the boxes to one another and what goes inside each box. Teens can also add images and text to create graphic organizers that prepare them for a research report and organize information. With Popplet, students can share their final work with their peers or teachers directly from the app.

Educreations (free)

This fantastic screencasting app captures everything students write on their screen and what they say into the iPad microphone. Whether students are drawing and labeling a timeline or completing a KWL chart, you can listen to their thought process as they complete a graphic organizer. Educreations is very simple to use. Students simply tap the record button, and everything they write on the screen and speak into the microphone gets turned into a video clip. Teens can even snap a picture of a traditional graphic organizer activity sheet and use this app to write in different colors and to capture their thought process.

Do you have a favorite graphic organizer app?

Monica Burns is an Education Consultant, EdTech Blogger, and Apple Distinguished Educator. Visit her site ClassTechTips.com for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.


  1. emmagynparton

    I think that it would help children with problems of losing stuff and not very neatly handwriting or drawing ability but how are all of the kids supposed to get an apple ipad if the school supplied it to everyone i think it would be great.

  2. Munchies2018

    That is just a way to get your students in trouble.

  3. spencerb2005

    i think so because u dont wanna lose all that stuff

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