iPad Apps for Staying On Task

By Monica Burns 09.30.2014 blog

Keeping organized throughout the school year can be challenging for both teachers and students. Between assignments, meetings and schedule changes, it can be difficult to stay on task. Students developing study skills and teachers managing their own calendar can benefit from the wide range of iPad apps that have been created to help people stay on task.

Within the Apple App Store, there are apps that both students and teachers can use to help them stay on task. Whether teachers are looking to stay on top of their busy schedules or simply want to introduce apps to the teens in their classroom, there are plenty to choose from. This list includes suggestions for the best way to integrate each app into your everyday routine.


This straightforward app is a standard feature on all iOS devices. With Reminders, teachers and students can set up multiple to-do lists all within one app. They have the option to color code their lists, assign priorities to different items, and even add extra notes to each item. The Reminder app lets users set a time for their reminder to send a message to their iPad that goes off just once, daily, or weekly.


The Calendar app on the iPad is great for teachers and students who want to make sure they don’t forget about a special event. Users have the option to color code events by assigning them to different calendars that can be viewed at once. They can also sync the Calendar app on their iPad with their Google account and their iCloud account. This means that when you add an event to the Calendar on a phone or computer it will also pop up on your iPad.

Day One

Day One is a journal, notes and diary app designed for the iPad. Students and teachers can use this app to stay on task by keeping track of their to-do lists and making a log of what they accomplished each day. It’s a great choice for people who want to maintain a record of how they are progressing towards their goals. Students can reflect on their progress working towards an end of year project or use the notes feature to make a list of what they still need to accomplish.

Post-it Plus

A brand new app from the makers of the famous sticky notes, Post-it Plus lets users snap a picture of post-its that they have written notes on (it works on any type of sticky note). Once a picture is taken you can move the digital versions of your post-its around your screen and organize them anyway you see fit. Teachers and students looking for a way to combine the traditional and digital will love how easy this app makes it to keep track of their to-do list.

What apps to you use to stay on task?

Monica Burns is an Education Consultant, EdTech Blogger, and Apple Distinguished Educator. Visit her site ClassTechTips.com for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.


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