Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

By Gary Hamilton 10.13.2011 blog

We talk a lot about jobs on the show.

For students, it’s important because most of you are thinking about what you want to do after graduation, if only because it’s a standard question when you meet an adult. Our series, What Next?, gives you an inside look at what different jobs might be like. We also talk about jobs because of the current economic situation in the United States — and the world.

That’s one reason this story, about students getting multiple job offers right out of high school is interesting, especially after Tuesday’s report about a shortage of skilled workers to fill modern factory jobs.

It’s no secret that working in manufacturing today is really different from what it used to be when Lucy (pictured) did it. And it’s great that schools around the country are encouraging students to get the skills they’ll need to find work as soon as they graduate. It also shows that a traditional four year college isn’t necessarily the best option for everyone, always.

Is there a program like this at your school? Have you taken any of the classes there?

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